Workshop When
Macular Degeneration Talk August 5th at 10:00 am
 Acupressure Workshop  August 12th at 10:00 am
Interactive Tongue Day Workshop                                      August 19th at 11:00 am

Seating is Limited so you must call to reserve your seat (505) 298-4325

Peripheral Neuropathy

“A Holistic Approach to Treating Chronic Pain and Organ Dysfunction with Natural Alternative Method”

Do you suffer from:

Burning Pain
Sharp Shooting Pian
Difficulty Walking
Joint Pain
……and more

Call us at 505-298-4325 and ask when we will be hosting this talk.

Learning and Behavioral Problems

Do you suffer from:

  • fail to pay attention
  • getting distracted easily
  • not listening
  • being out of control
  • interrupting others
  • fidgeting
  • trouble in school

Learn how to handle ADD/ADHD in  a drug free approach.

call us to find out when we will be hosting this talk (505) 298-4325

How to Know if Your Children Are On Drugs

Learn the data that you can use to educate your children about illegal drugs, alcohol and presciption drugs. Which your children might be using and what you can do about it.

Call us to find  out when we will be hosting this talk. (505) 298-4325

Acupuncture and Depression

Acupuncture can help with Depression

  • Acupuncture is a clinically viable adjunct to treating patients who do not respond to regular treatment
  • Acupuncture effectively reduces the severity of mental depression.

Come learn how to deal with you depression naturally

call us to find out when we will be hosting this talk (505) 298-4325

Chinese Acupressure Workshop

This one is a must! This FREE  class is recommended by our patients. Learn some natural methods of dealing with common aches and pains through the method of Acupressure.  This is a partnered workshop so don’t forget to bring a friend or family member along.

call us to find out when we will be hosting this talk (505)298-4325

Chinese acupressure workshop in Albuquerque


By combining a team of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and Acupuncturists we not only help our patients get out of pain faster, but they stay out of pain for the long term.
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