“Although we have hundreds of testimonials, here are a few to read from”………

The HCG diet at Southwest Center, is the  boost I needed to get started on the path in correcting my health and weight problem.  After two knee surgeries that never repaired the pain on my left knee, I stopped exercising and along with my terrible diet of course it was going to lead to weight gain. Through those years I kept ignoring the weight gain because in my head I kept telling myself I will start eating better and start exercising.

So after starting several diets which failed, I continued to ignore the weight problem until I received news from my doctor that I now had high blood pressure and I was pre-diabetic and needed to go on medication. This news of course scared me, but even trying to eat better I could not lose weight.

The break I needed came when one of my friends told me that he and his girlfriend were going to start a diet. I didn’t pay much attention to him because the guy is always joking around. Then about 2 months later I saw the results. Both of them lost over 50 pounds combined. This got my attention, so I started to ask him more details of this diet. He then gave me the name and number to Southwest Center.

This diet is awesome in my opinion. In 58 days I have dropped 45 pounds and after a recent doctor’s appointment my A1C and blood pressure is normal and I’m off medication. My doctor’s own words “Your blood test results are pristine.”  I’m now working out at the gym and my left knee doesn’t hurt as much. I can’t thank Dr. Stape and his staff enough, especially Jessica who leads this program and keeps you in line. Her knowledge and advice is also a key to this program.

Like anything, any diet is hard and you need to be committed and follow the protocol to the letter. Everyone’s body is different but this was the game changer I needed.




I came to see you for ” Pre- IVF” acupuncture last July through September I became pregnant with twins and after a tricky pregnancy, delivered in March. They were nine weeks early, but now 41/2 months later, are happy and healthy babies who are  the lights of our lives!

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your care! This was over third (and last) cylce and I truly believe it would not have been success with out your help.

Thank you for helping our dreams to come true!



We welcomed our daughter on September 23rd.  I wanted to send you an announcement because I strongly feel that her conception and our health pregnancy were in part made possible by the care you gave me two summers ago. Your work to eradicate my cysts and recalculate my heratic hormones no doubt made my body and womb healthy once again.

We thank you! Our baby is doing very well, and we are completely in love with her. We are enjoying parenthood every moment.

Weight loss

I never struggled with my weight until I hit my mid-twenties. When I turned 25, I seemed to have went from eating whatever I wanted and not exercising to having weight problem almost  overnight. That is when the cycle of dieting started. I battled my weight and tried everything from the Cabbage Soup Diet, Atkins Diet to Weight Watchers. If  you named the diet, I probably had tried it! The sad news is that I failed at every single one of them! I finally lost about 50 pounds by literally starving myself and only maintained the weight for about 6 months. Before I got into a car accident and injured my back. Because I never changed my eating habits, I gained all the weight back. So I found myself  in January of this year hopeless, and feeling like I was going to have to accept the “new” me who was overweight and it made me feel miserable until I met with the Weight Loss Consultant  at Natural Life Acupuncture. Not only was there a program I felt I could do, but it was also affordable! The HCG protocol has literally changed my whole outlook towards food and the results have been phenomenal! I do not look like I used to and I absolutely do not feel like I used to! In 5 weeks I went from a size 16 to 10 and lost 10.5 inches off my waist and 19.5 inches OVERALL!! My body fat % has decreased significantly! I still have a journey to reach my goals, but now I feel like there is hope and I do not have to accept being overweight anymore! I plan to run a 5k in May! Thank you Natural Life for your wonderful staff and the support I have received along the way! I honestly could not keep going without the support I get weekly! Good bye size 16 jeans and hello skinny jeans!


Low Back Pain

I came in for the first time in February. I was suffering with pain in my lower back from 2 bad disks, a torn meniscus and tight/painful shoulders from stress. Thanks to the acupuncture I am  pain free.

As part of my continued treatment we found that I also had low phosphorus, digestive issues and had been taking unnecessary meds for gout.

I came to see the Doctors Stape not knowing if I would get any results but now I can whole heartedly say that the results have been amazing.

My sincerest Thank!!




I started acupuncture for the first time ever and with my condition at 30 I have endometriosis and it affected may areas in my life, so I decided to give acupuncture a try because my only other option was to have surgery and that is not what I wanted to do. Now I feel so much better. My pain has significantly gotten better thanks to Dr. Stape and of course acupuncture.



Acupuncture has helped me in a number of ways. I have had leg pain due to sciatica. It has been eliminated by acupuncture. Kinesiology has been beneficial to me in determining different areas in which I needed treatment and herbal remedies. Dr. Jill Stape has “wonderful bedside manner” and has been very accurate in her diagnosis and in her treatment. I will continue to seek her services.


When I first came to Natural Life Acupuncture and Kinesiology, I was really hurting. I had severe neck and back pain, headaches, dizziness, severe congestion, and numbness on my left side. I had been in a car accident and was hit from behind by a drunk driver at a high speed. Gradually, after acupuncture, heat, cupping, and electricity treatments three times a week the pain largely decreased. I am so grateful to Dr.’s Dominic and Dr. Jill Stape for helping me to get back to work and to help me get back to the quality of life. I am almost there, and I have started walking again. I am enjoying my two year old grandbaby and am so happy to do more for him.


Low Energy and Sleep

I started off tired and not sleeping well with low energy. I have tried many things to make overall feelings better. Once I started visiting Natural Life it opened me up to new way of looking at my overall well being and feeling. My energy increased, and I’m sleeping much better than I had been in the previous months. I continue to make gains and look forward to what lies ahead.



In February 2012, I went to a health fair at the fairgrounds and decided to try the evaluation that Natural Life Acupuncture and Wellness was offering. After four months of treatment the pain in my hip reduced considerably and the last treatment to my shoulder has resulted in me being pain free in that area. My headaches have all but stopped; problems with sinuses are almost all gone. I’m able to participate in life more fully. the Kinesiology and herbal treatments have helped my body balance out and I’m beginning to have hair growth which hasn’t been experienced over much of my life.

Thank you all for your wonderful service.


By combining a team of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and Acupuncturists we not only help our patients get out of pain faster, but they stay out of pain for the long term.


Weight Loss