Mother and father with young daughter at a shopping mallAcupuncture is an effective form of health care that has evolved into a complete and holistic medical system. Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive medical system to diagnose and help millions of people get well and stay healthy for over 5,000 years.

What will my acupuncturist do?

During the initial exam a full health history will he taken. Questions will be asked regarding symptoms, health and lifestyle. Your acupuncturist also may check pulses and your tongue and may conduct a physical exam. This information is then organized to create a complete, accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of where Qi has become blocked or imbalanced. After the interview process, you may receive an acupuncture treatment. Visits with your acupuncturist may last from 30 to 90 minutes.

Pulse Diagnosis

The most respected method of diagnosis in Chinese Medicine is ‘Pulse Diagnosis’ or interpreting the flow of blood in the radial artery at the wrist. Unfortunately this method is a lost art with very few practitioners in the world are competent in it’s immense subtlety. Probably the world’s foremost living master of pulse diagnosis, Dr. Zhang WeiYin, personally trained Dr. Dominic Stape in this lost art.

The uniqueness of this method is that it is anatomically based. If used correctly, the pulse can reveal anatomical problems such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, bone spurs, gall stones, varicoceles, sinus infections, gastric or duodenal ulcers, coronary blockages and a host of other physical ailments. The practitioners at Natural Life Acupuncture and Wellness have dedicated themselves to mastering this method of pulse diagnosis and use this method daily in their treatment protocol.

Electro Meridian Imaging

In 1951, Dr. Yoshio Nakatani MO, PhD developed a method of examining the meridian system of the body through electronic measurements that altered the way acupuncture would be practiced throughout Japan, Europe, Australia and North America.

Dr. Nakatani called this method Ryodoraku: Ryo (good), do (electro-conductive), raku (meridian). After electronically measuring the meridians, the exam results were manually
calculated using a staggered numbering system for graphing. His pioneering research and development of Ryodoraku would become international within 25 years of its discovery.

The EMI reads the electrical resistance of the selected acupoints, thus giving an accurate measurement of the autonomic nervous systems function and a layout of malfunctioning organs. After a series of treatments a comparison of readings show how an acupuncture treatment improved the function of the nervous system and the corresponding organs.


By combining a team of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and Acupuncturists we not only help our patients get out of pain faster, but they stay out of pain for the long term.
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